Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Five Hours Raw (1)

Today a company van came to remove Emily’s medical equipment, her shower stool and her automated hospital bed. This was far too similar to the smaller van that parked outside our house in the exact same spot only eight days ago, its purpose to take Emily’s still body to the chapel of rest. 

The blanket the undertakers had placed over her would not have been to her liking at all, and I remember thinking so as they carefully carried her body over the door threshold, taking her to where she would lie in a bed for a week. Looking like sleeping beauty, with snow white’s complexion, she held the teddy she had taken to bed with her for years under her left arm.

She hated the nightie she was wearing the night she died. Gran hadn’t been able to keep on top of the washing due to the increased demand on her. The last few weeks were hard.

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